The impact of disposable tampons on health and the environment

The impact on the environment of disposable sanitary towels is unfortunately undeniable: the pollution created by disposable products, multiplied by the millions of people in the world, has now reached worrying levels and will only worsen in the future. Disposable tampons are highly polluting: a woman during her life uses something like 12,000 tampons. In Europe in 2014 there were about 24 billion sanitary napkins used for 90 million women: a mass of waste that ends up in undifferentiated landfills.

The presence of plastic in the disposable tampons of the most popular brands can be annoying on the skin for many and contribute to a feeling of itching, discomfort, redness, even allergic reactions, also due to chemicals used for the treatment and bleaching of cotton.

Ecological sanitary pads are created with natural and renewable materials: the main element consists of biodegradable cellulose pulp, coming directly from forests and sustainable forestry areas.

Try our special products for women, to improve your comfort and health and reduce the environmental pollution, while saving money! 

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