There is no scientific evidence confirming the transmissibility of coronaviruses by inanimate surfaces.

The family of coronavirus already analyzed in the past can survive on metal, glass or plastic surfaces for up to 9 days and can be inactivated by surface disinfection with 62-71% ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0% sodium hypochlorite,1% within 1 minute.

The German study that the new coronavirus is active on the surface of objects for about 9 days should not create alarm. This element, still to be demonstrated and conducted on other coronaviruses and not on the Chinese one, makes no difference on the early containment of the epidemic. As far as we know, compared to previous respiratory infectious diseases, Mers and Sars, in fact, the new coronavirus is transmitted much faster and the route of transmission to be feared is mainly the respiratory one, not that of contaminated surfaces. It is however always important to remember the importance of proper hygiene of surfaces and hands. The use of alcohol-based detergents is also sufficient to kill it. (source: Italian Ministry of Health).

There is no scientific evidence confirming the transmissivity of coronaviruses by inanimate surfaces. Surface resistance of up to 9 days does not specifically concern the new coronavirus, and there is no need to be unnecessarily alarmed, but simply to take preventive measures already recommended by the Italian Ministry of Health, and disinfect surfaces with diluted alcohol or bleach. But above all, always and often wash your hands.

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