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We are plastic-neutral! - CSR Plastic Credits

We are plastic-neutral!

We are proud to announce that earth thanks is now plastic-neutral our partnership with corsair group international mission combat plastic waste in the environment. problem immense an estimated billion tons of produced since and nearly all it still existing some form today urgent action required ensure a sustainable future for ourselves generations come. governments corporations must step up but also each every one us take responsibility footprint. csr credits individuals can offset their become certified neutral. becoming neutral easy simply visit website follow steps. let work together create cleaner greener all.

What is Corsair Group?

What is CSR Plastic Credit?

Plastic Problems

It has been estimated that in the 60-70 years since plastic production began, 8.3 billion tons of virgin plastic has been produced and nearly all the plastic ever created still exists in some form today.

Never before has so much damage been done by mankind as over the last 50 years or so.  

No longer can we, as a population, rely on governments and multinational companies to protect our environment, our present, and our future.

A future that will affect us, our children, and our children’s children. The time for a global change is upon us and with CSR the power of the CROWD - bring millions of individuals to focus on a specific and important change in our environment is NOW.

Everyone alive (almost without exception) has contributed to the issues that face our planet. 

NOW is the time for everyone (without any exception) to contribute to the required changes to ensure there is a planet on which our children can live and thrive in both the near and the distant future.

Growing Demand

Governments of the world are now progressing with legislative measures forcing industries to use more low-sulfur fuel.

Municipal Authorities, Local and Regional oil refineries, International oil traders, Joint ventures with EU plastic manufacturers, Logistics, Marine, and Transportation companies.

It's the RIGHT thing to do.

Every corporation around the world has the obligation to remove their plastic waste footprint and adhere to Corporate Social Responsibility requirements.

Every man, woman, and child in the western world is responsible for the creation of 50kg of Plastic Waste every year, whilst corporations create a variable amount, potentially 100's thousands of kgs daily.

Our Plastic Waste Footprint

The CSR framework

The adopters of CSR foresee a framework of development across projects bridging boundaries between disciplines to bring about real change for a sustainable planet.

Security is key: CSR is an ERC20-compliant token contract deployed on the Ethereum mainNet. We could not wish for a better selection and pedigree.

Documented transparency: The use of the Ethereum Public Blockchain was key for the founders. This is a platform beyond reproach with public and free services from the likes of Etherscan.io and others. The founders have no control of the Blockchain on which CSR operates.

Plastic Neutrality accrues when an individual or corporation retires CSR Plastic Credits to offset 100% of the plastic waste that the individual or corporation creates. CSR now makes the process super simple.

How to become Plastic Neutral

Go to: https://csrnow.com/content/operations/cip/buy/

Click on “Become Plastic Neutral” at the top of this page.

Select your required frequency, Monthly (Popular), Yearly or Single Payment.

Set the slider to your desired kg amount.

Click Confirm and Buy.

Review your order details and click “Next”

Enter your Person Details and Enter the sponsor’s name - Introduced by cristinachiulli

click “Next”

Enter your plastic waste footprint details.

Confirm you are a real human.

Read and accept the Terms & Conditions

Click Buy.

You can then download your Purchase Order form.

Make payment to the bank account detailed on the Purchase Order.

Once we receive payment we will process your order within 10 working days.

You will be able to access the paid invoice at CSRnow.com.

Retire the CSR to be certified Plastic Neutral

In the CSRnow Hall of Fame, you can check all the individuals and corporations that retired their purchased CSR and obtained the certificate Plastic Neutral (see all retirements of CSR - link to the transactions on the blockchain).

Would you join us in removing plastic waste from our planet?

Ask us how to become Plastic Neutral!

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