Wearing glasses can help you in the spread of any virus, including Sars-Covid

Wearing glasses can help you stop touching your face, a habit that helps in the spread of any virus, including Sars-Covid. Eyewear can also provide a little extra protection (obviously not 100% safe) from airborne virus particles, although it is far more likely to get infected through the mouth and nose than the eyes. It's just another preventative means, another way you can add a filter to help protect yourself from coronavirus.

It's hard to actually get Covid-19 via the virus that enters through the eye. Theoretically, it is possible, the doctor specifies, but there is no proof.
The most likely thing is that this new coronavirus can cause conjunctivitis, a highly contagious condition. Reports from China and around the world show that about 1-3% of people with Covid-19 also had conjunctivitis. This is worrying because the coronavirus can spread by touching the fluid in an infected person's eyes or objects that that person has touched.
Of course, not all cases of conjunctivitis can be attributed to the presence of coronavirus. However, if, in addition to this symptom, you notice other signs of a possible Sars-Cov2 infection, such as fever, cough or shortness of breath, you should notify your doctor immediately. (source: American Academy of Ophthalmology).

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