Wildfires are raging all over the world

Every year, uncontrollable fires rage across the planet. Fire seasons are getting longer and fires are becoming more intense. From bushfires to rainforests, the carbon gasses from these fires feed the climate crisis and make it worse. From Australia to Russia to the United States, disastrous mega-fires cause immeasurable damage. More and more are a direct result of human activity from burning fossil fuels and farming expansion.
In Brazil and Indonesia, precious rainforests are cut down and burned to make room for cattle, soy and palm oil farms for giant corporations.
Smoke and haze travel hundreds of kilometres and cover rural and urban centres alike, damaging human health and aggravating respiratory illnesses in the age of COVID-19.
Millions of animals die every year from the effects of fires. And wildfires wreak havoc on Indigenous forest communities and local populations.

We must end our use of fossil fuels now to halt the global heating that fuels wildfires.
We must protect and restore ecosystems that are more resilient to fires and ban once and for all using fires to clear land for commodity-driven agriculture that destroy our planet for corporate greed. (source: greenpeace.org)

We can easily help:

1. use a reusable cup instead of single use paper/plastic cups for takeaway
2. use a cloth kitchen towel instead of paper towels
3. receive your mails online instead of paper mail
4. plant a tree/trees where are most needed
Try our reusable eco friendly products, plant trees from our website, remind your friends to plant trees by our T-shirt.
Say Yes to Life, Earth Thanks! 🌿
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