World Cleanup Day September 18 2021

World Cleanup Day September 18 2021

Millions of people from up to 180 countries have pledged to participate in the fourth World Cleanup Day held on Saturday, September 18. A 24-hour green wave of cleanups, socially distanced and safe, is stretched across the planet beginning in Fiji and ending in Hawaii. 

World Cleanup Day is the largest single peacetime civic action against waste, aimed at raising awareness of the scale of the global waste crisis threatening the environment and the lives of millions of people and all living beings. The most recent World Cleanup Day was organized last year in 2020 and engaged 11 million people in 166 countries. In the three years of its existence, World Cleanup Day has engaged 50 million people from more than 180 countries. 

Today, despite the corona pandemic influencing the way we act, people have shown that they are deeply invested in the future of our home – we want a healthy and clean Earth. The mismanaged waste problem has worsened globally because of pandemics. Organizing and holding World Cleanup Day amidst a pandemic is a challenge. But the increasing plastic waste problem can no longer be pushed aside. Waste blindness is a serious issue, some countries struggle with rivers of plastic, overflowing landfills, and some countries are simply blind to how the trash is created and where it is disposed of.

Aligning with  Covid-19 restrictions, organizations, companies, and individuals are heading out to clean their communities and natural areas with appropriately sized and socially distanced groups or as individual cleaners. 

As an option, people in high-risk communities or who feel unwell can participate by doing a digital cleanup instead. This means deleting all unnecessary files from our digital devices. It extends the lifespan of our gadgets and decreases CO2 waste.

World Cleanup Day is organized by Let’s Do It World, headquartered in Estonia, with dedicated leaders in 164 countries, and partners with all the major environmental organizations. (source:

Are you taking part in this global cleanup? This can be done today and each and every day, every time you can dedicate to our beautiful planet! The very first and most important part of cleanup is NOT to indiscriminately throw away waste, but to properly sort it according to good practices in your area, and as always reduce reuse recycle. Remove plastics from your life, use natural reusable alternatives!

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