World Vegan Day 1 November

World Vegan Day 1 November

The vegan way of life is increasingly establishing itself in our society, it can be practiced not only easily, but above all without the need to cause animal suffering for one’s own food and clothing. Even in rural areas, the range of vegan products available in supermarkets is growing so that the fact that veganism is on the advance in our society can no longer be denied. The number of hotels and restaurants that focus on animal-free food has increased enormously in recent years. 

On 1 November, numerous events organized by vegan associations take place in major cities. As a vegan you do not have to belong to a club or organization to celebrate World Vegan Day. You can also do this within your circle of friends and acquaintances or with work colleagues by serving up something tasty and thereby bringing others to the taste of vegan food. 

On November 1st the future perspective of a vegan society should find room in the heads and hearts of people in the awareness that you are closely connected with vegans from all parts of the world. (source:

Becoming vegan means making the maximum contribution to one's own health as well as to the very life of animals, and with a broader vision, to the health of the planet. Breeding, especially intensive, for the meat and dairy industry, are among the major factors of environmental pollution and promote the emergence and spread of disease. Vegan is the best action to overturn a society that places profit above the health of people, animals and the environment, above life itself. This is in our hands: with our everyday choices we can achieve the harmonious world we all deserve. 

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