Yoga and meditation help to better deal with crises such as the coronavirus pandemic

This pandemic almost suddenly has put an end to our busy daily schedule, so people have had to find new ways to spend their time and deal with anxiety and silence. While some have taken to endurance sports in tiny spaces or been drawn to walk in nature or just breathe in fresh air, others have turned to practices like meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and shiatsu to calm their minds and decrease stress levels. These ancient mind and bodywork traditions offer an opportunity to better deal with crises such as the coronavirus pandemic. This doesn't only have a positive impact on our health and immune systems, but potentially on society and even the environment. These practices help to bring us into the present moment and help to connect us to the reality of the situation. Yoga and meditation help create an awareness of what is happening in our world and allow us to tackle difficult situations and our reactions to them.

Every human being is intrinsically connected to every other human being and also to nature, animals, plants, everything on this planet. But we are often not aware of it because we are too busy with too many things. When that stops for a moment, when calming down, one realizes these connections. The concept of yoga is holistic. It teaches that we can't live without others, we cannot live without animals, we cannot live without nature. We are part of nature way more than we pretend to be. Nature is where we came from.

In restricting what we can do, where we can go and how we can keep ourselves occupied, the pandemic has also made our worlds smaller, forced us not only to slow down, but in many cases to take a genuine pause. Once you give yourself that time to pause and breathe, you will become kinder and softer and more understanding when it comes to your own shortcomings and difficulties. And this will make you more compassionate and understanding when it comes to other people and their needs and ultimately also our planet's needs. (source:

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