Yoga is a journey

As a millenary tradition and practice Yoga originated between 3000 and 1800 BC. Talking about the simple well being is probably reductive. Yoga is not an instant formula for happiness or the recipe for the perfect physicality. Yoga is a journey, first of all within ourselves, that accompanies us towards a new and greater awareness of ourselves and of what surrounds us. Those who have the patience to approach yoga and continue learning discover an incredible world that gives the individual the tools to live better, such as the suppression of suffering, a concept difficult to explain. At the basis of the knowledge of Yoga is the pursuit of happiness, which comes when we are masters of ourselves. It’s a long journey, it may take years, but leads us to a different life. Embracing your own limitations, embracing the present moment, agreeing to let go, not having control over everything that happens, but, on the contrary, to have control over our thoughts and actions, step by step. And just as in every journey you change without realizing it. Changes are being made that are not perceived, but that actually profoundly shape who we are and what we do. Without noticing, we start eating better, pollute less, select friendships, value relationships and non-material things, and that makes us better persons.

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Say Yes to Life, Earth Thanks! 🌿

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