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Our mission here at Earth Thanks is to help our beautiful and unique Planet get rid of plastic waste through the sale of commonly used products made only with natural materials with almost zero environmental impact. 

This attention to the Planet would not be possible without a growth of inner awareness, which started many years ago as an individual spiritual journey, which has allowed us to transcend the limited self and understand that in reality we humans, the Planet, and all animal and vegetable beings we are part of a unicum, where no one is separate and everyone is interconnected.

Today we want to offer you some precious supports that have helped us and can help you too to explore the inner wonders that allow us to fully appreciate the wonders of our world, acquiring a spontaneous vision of beauty, but also of what is necessary to restore it if disfigured and the harmonious balance of all sentient and non-sentient beings.

We offer you the following:

  • Ancient wisdom texts from India and the teachings of SadGuru Hairakhan Babaji Mahavatar;
  • Mantras recorded live in India during festivals that gather hundreds of spiritual seekers from all over the world, to help meditation, both in recollection and during daily activities;
  • For those who also want a visual approach, we offer non-narrative documentaries, only images, and music to convey the atmosphere and emotions of a spiritual encounter in Presence.

Books, music therapy, videos, and multimedia tools for a real uplift of consciousness for everyone just here and now. Teachings of Shri Hairakhan Babaji from the timeless Indian wisdom of Sanatan Dharma, published by J. Amba Edizioni, an Italian publishing house founded in 1992. You can buy physical items or digital files that can be downloaded in pdf, mp3, or mp4 format. 

"Oh, my children, Youth of the world! Be brave and courageous! Go from house to house and give this message: 'Awake, arise! Be inspired! Make your life a success!' Eliminate all differences from your mind and unite in a great chain. We must do good for the whole world." (Hairakhan Babaji)

  • Sanatan Dharma

    Sanatan Dharma, also known as Hinduism, is one of the oldest and most complex religions in the world. It is not just a religion but rather a way of life that originated in ancient India. Sanatan Dharma believes in the concept of karma, which means that one's actions determine one's future.
    A vast collection of texts known as the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, and Bhagavad Gita are considered to be holy scriptures and lay down the foundations and principles for various aspects of life such as ethics, spirituality, social obligations, and practices of yoga and meditation.
    Sanatan Dharma believes in the existence of one ultimate reality or Brahman which is omnipresent, all-pervading and the source of all creation. There are multiple paths to reach this ultimate reality, such as bhakti (devotion), karma (action), and jnana (knowledge).
    Sanatan Dharma recognizes and respects thousands of gods and goddesses, and the worship of these deities is believed to lead to their blessings and protection, having tolerance towards different beliefs and practices.

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  • Hairakhan Babaji Mahavatar

    Babaji Shri Hairakhan Baba appeared on June 1970 in a cave at the foot of Mount Kailash in Kumaon, India. His coming has been foreseen in the ancient scriptures and by an Indian saint of the 20th century, Mahendra Baba. Shri Babaji has been a manifestation of God since the first time man learned religion. Mahavatar means 'Incarnation of God not born of woman'. Babaji is known to Westerners through the book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, who met Him in one of His previous incarnations. 

    To focus the mind and cure all physical and mental ailments, Babaji stressed the repetition of the mantra OM NAMAHA SHIVAY. People of all countries and all religious or spiritual paths or even atheists gathered at His feet in His main ashram in Hairakhan, where He shows that a new world of truth, simplicity, and love is possible. 

    Shri Babaji left his body on 14th February 1984. "This body of mine is nothing, it is here only to serve the people". (Babaji). Shri Babaji continues his work from the minds and hearts of people and through the infinite love of Shri Muniraji Maharaji, whom he has indicated as a spiritual guide mainly for Western disciples and devotees.

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  • Shri Muniraji Maharaji

    "Muniraji is the embodiment of Guru Dattatreya, a very ancient incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva in one body as a Guru. He is a Yogi and spiritually very very high. Spread this message everywhere among the people". (Babaji) 

    He has been the Guru of the family of devotees since Shri Babaji left his body in 1984. Shri Muniraji lived in Haldwani, Uttar Anchal, India, where he welcomed and helped all devotees who visit Babaji's ashrams in Hairakhan and Chiliyanaula, Ranikhet, where he built a magnificent ashram and the great Shri Baba Haidakhan Charitable and Research Hospital dedicated to Babaji, which started in 1995. 

    Being the father of a numerous family and running his own business, being Chief of the Hairakhandi Samaj, the association of Babaji's devotees, taking care of Babaji's ashrams in India and abroad, being the spiritual guide for thousands of Babaji's devotees worldwide for 3 decades, He has been the living example for all of how is possible to live a worldly life and being spiritually enlightened at the same time. Shri Munirajji left his body on 4th August 2012. His work continues in and through all his disciples and devotees.

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  • Shri Shastriji Vishnu Datt Misra

    When Shri Babaji left His body on February 1984, there was the heritage of His spoken word as well as the grace of the wisdom of those few whom He had kept really close. Shri Shastriji was such a person.

    He has said of himself that “he followed Babaji like a shadow”, accompanying Him on His many journeys throughout India in his function as chief priest, celebrating the ancient Vedic ritual of Yagña, the fire offering, in hundreds of places. Shri Shastriji was a prolific writer, a Sanskrit scholar of repute, and one of Shri Mahendra Baba’s closest disciples, who already two decades earlier had prophesied Babaji’s incarnation as the Lord of Lords and world teacher.

    During his discipleship with Mahendra Baba, Shastriji had received a profound preparation to recognize and serve the Lord in His fourteen years of sojourn on earth. In fact, he had written most of his works in mantric verses about Hairakhan Baba many years before His physical appearance in 1970. When asked, Shastriji emphasized that whatever he had written was “ the grace of my master and by direct inspiration of the Lord Himself... I am merely a writing instrument”.

    Whenever Babaji gave His short, informal talks at His ashram in Hairakhan, at the foothills of the Himalayas, Shastriji would be asked by Him to repeat His every word before they were translated into English. Shastriji was the mouth-piece of Him, whose coming he had helped to prepare by his writings; and when He had come, Shastriji was the one who put across through the spoken word to the many thousands who came to the timeless wisdom of the Sanatan Dharma.

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  • Hairakhan Vishwa Mahadham

    Holy place 27 km east Haldwani, distr. Nainital, Uttar Anchal, close to Mount Kailash on Kumaon Himalayan foothills, where Hairakhan Baba appeared during his manifestations 1800-1922 and 1970-1984. 

    It is a remote little village on the sacred river Gotam Ganga, which flows at the feet of Kumaon Kailash, the mythical Mount Meru. When Shiva married Sati, brought her to Kumaon Kailash. When the Goddess arrived there planted a tree, the same now standing in the middle of the river, Sati Kund. Shiva said to his son Kartikeya that when the gods will be back on Kailash and Hairakhan will be again the center of the world, that will be the beginning of a new age. 

    There is now a magnificent ashram in Hairakhan, started from the temple built in 1800 by Babaji himself and always growing to welcome the hundreds of devotees coming from all over the world. Temples and dhuni, a big kirtan hall, many rooms and facilities, a small hospital serving ashram residents, and all people of the villages nearby. 

    "There are ten temples here at Hairakhan. They are symbols. They show us that the body is a temple with ten senses, and we must install God in our hearts within this temple. This body is a moving temple of the Lord. He wants us to make this temple so beautiful that wherever it goes, people would like to worship, have great reverence for it, and try to gain knowledge from it". (Hairakhan Babaji, Teachings of Babaji)

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  • J. Amba Edizioni

    Jai Amba in Sanskrit means 'Victory to the Cosmic Energy'. J. Amba is a channel of Babaji for those who want immunity from illusions by the weapons of Truth, Simplicity, and Love. 

    J. Amba is an Italian publishing company that produces Multimedia Components for Enlightenment, tools for an immediate uplift of consciousness available for everybody just here and now. We publish books, CDs of music therapy, documentary, and art videos, to spread Shri Babaji's message: knowledge, prayer, mantra, and action dedicated to God - Karma Yoga, to do good for all. 

    J. Amba has been established in 1992 in Italy by Jai Datt Gian Paolo Barberis, artist, photographer, and director, and Kalavati Maria Cristina Chiulli, architect. Bhagwati Maria Beatrice Barberis, photographer, and filmmaker, is now an active and official partner of J. Amba Edizioni.

    J. Amba donates part of its income to Shree Baba Haidakhan Charitable & Research Hospital (SBHCRH) in Chiliyanaula, India. Buy from us to contribute to Babaji's humanitarian project!

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